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High quality coffee with social responsibility

We are El Recreo Estate Coffee, a company dedicated to bringing premium Nicaraguan coffee while practicing social and environmental stewardship.

Family farm for over 40 years. 

Single origin
Rainforest Alliance certified

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Our Story

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Recreo Coffee was founded in 2011 by Miriam and Hector Morales and is dedicated to bringing you premium, high quality coffee, straight from our family farm in Nicaragua.

At Recreo Coffee, all of our coffee is imported from El Recreo Estate Farm, located in Jinotega, Nicaragua, which is currently managed by Miriam's parents. El Recreo Estate Farm is a family owned and operated 364 acre plantation that has produced premium coffee for over 40 years. The farm has been owned by the Ferrey-Machado family since 1972, but the land has grown coffee since 1905. 

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El Recreo Estate Coffee high quality originates from the high altitude and favorable climate conditions of the farm. At an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, in the coffee region of Jinotega, Nicaragua, El Recreo Estate farm is located in an optimal coffee growing environment. Our natural methodology for coffee production follows the standards detailed by the Rainforest Alliance and ensures our coffee is of the highest quality. On our farm, we employ 30 permanent families as well as over 200 temporary workers and offer numerous facilities to ensure our emloyees maintain a high standard of living including a school for kids and a health center for all employees and their families.

At Recreo Coffee, we take immense pride in the quality of the coffee beans that we import directly from our family farm, and this commitment to quality does not stop with the beans. We currently sell coffee at all stages of the process, from green coffee beans, imported directly from the farm, to roasted beans for wholesale or for personal consumption. All of our coffee is roasted to order by Hector himself, on a daily basis, in our own roasterie in West Roxbury.

We also have two cafés in Boston, one located in West Roxbury and the other located in City Hall, in which we sell our high quality coffee. We also offer a multitude of other drinks, both hot and cold, as well as pastries, teas, hot chocolate, and crepes for your delight.

Visit our Farm

Interested in visiting our farm in Nicaragua to learn more about our coffee production?

Why not enquire about our 'Origin Trips', where you can come and visit our farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Come and explore the incredible landscapes of Northern Nicuragua and develop a richer understanding of our production processes, where you can experience first hand the day-in-the-life of a coffee grower.

Please contact us for further information.