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High quality coffee with social responsibility

We are El Recreo Estate Coffee, a company dedicated to bringing premium Nicaraguan coffee while practicing social and environmental stewardship.

Family farm for over 40 years. 

Single origin
Rainforest Alliance certified

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Our Values

We at Recreo Coffee, are dedicated to bringing you premium Nicaraguan coffee while practicing social and environmental stewardship. Our coffee is of single origin, imported directly from our family farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua and roasted daily by our expert roaster Hector in our roasterie in West Roxbury. 

We believe that some of life’s most memorable moments happen over a cup of coffee, and it is our mission at Recreo Coffee to provide you with a high quality coffee, that is rich in flavor, to enhance these special moments.


Committed to High Quality and Social Responsibility

At Recreo Coffee it is our vision to bring high quality Nicaraguan coffee to you, while practicing social and environmental stewardship. Our coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified, and is farmed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. We believe the coffee business can make positive social change, and are commited to improving the lifes of our workers and the local community in Jinotega.

To fulfill our vision of practicing social and environmental responsibility, we invest a portion of our profits in actvities to help promote the well-being of our farm workers and their families.  Some of these projects include:

  • School of Technical Training – educating workers and technicians to promote sustainable practices
  • School for Kids – bringing education and family values to workers' children
  • Health Center – taking care of the workers and their families’ health 


School for Tech training.jpg

School For Technical Training

Throughout the year, the School of Technical Training open its doors to engineers, technicians and minor proctors to provide agricultural and business administration training.  The school offer advance courses, short courses and seminars to improve knowledge for farm workers and promote team work.


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School for Kids

The School for Kids takes care of the children of the 30 permanent families in the farm. At the school, they learn about writing, reading, math, social skills, and others. There is a sense of community and respect that help these children get a loving educational environment. 



Health Centre.jpg

Health Center

At the Health Center, doctors and nurses take care of workers and their families’ health. They make sure patients have the right treatments and medications when needed. They also teach about the importance of a nutritional diet and work safety.


"We love starting every morning with a cup of El Recreo coffee. It's hard to beat the flavor and freshness, not to mention the convenience of having it delivered to our front door. Just as satisfying is knowing that we are supporting a family-owned coffee farm that practices sustainability and social responsibility. Thanks for the delicious coffee and great service."

-Hisao Yatsuhashi and Molly Galvin


"El Recreo coffee is roasted every week. The truth is in the taste, and this is the difference, in my opinion, that separates them from any other high end coffee establishment in the Boston area."

-Paul Abercrombie


"El Recreo is a model for all other coffee farms. They are growers of very fine coffee, caretakers of the earth and its natural resources as well as for the people that live and work on their land; they are kind and welcoming people, and their mission to educate the coffee farmers around them in order to bring up the standards of coffee and of life in Nicaragua are commendable. We look forward to a long term relationship with this farm as they continue to produce the best Nicaraguan coffee we have experienced!"

-Carol Adams Dahlke
Ashlawn Farm Coffee


"We visited El Recreo during the 2013 harvest, and were impressed with their operation and the quality of the coffee. The Ferrey family pays attention to both the environmental impact of their production, as well as the people who painstakingly produce their very high quality crop. They are also delightful hosts - if you visit the Jinotega region, make sure to stop by El Recreo!"

-Keith Lemnios, CEO & Founder of Sun Coffee Roasters