Recreo Coffee

High quality coffee with social responsibility

We are El Recreo Estate Coffee, a company dedicated to bringing premium Nicaraguan coffee while practicing social and environmental stewardship.

Family farm for over 40 years. 

Single origin
Rainforest Alliance certified

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Wholesale Coffee

Roasted To Order

Would you like to offer single origin, sustainable, specialty coffee to your customers? We are Hector & Miriam, dedicated to bring high quality coffee with social responsibility from our family farm to your business. Learn more about our values here.

Our ever growing wholesale business currently services a number of restaurants, cafés, caterers and corporate clients across the east coast.

We provide regular light, medium, and bold roasts available in  3oz, 8oz, and 5lbs bags. We also offer bold Swiss Water Decaffeinated.

Our coffee is roasted weekly, in small batches to ensure that our customers receive a consistent, high quality product.

Please contact us for prices, delivery information, to place an order or to ask for samples.

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Green Coffee

Premium beans, ideal for micro-roasters

We sell high quality specialty coffee beans that are directly shipped to you from our family farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Miriam’s parents, together with her brothers and a team of workers, grow the coffee under sustainable (Rainforest Alliance) practices. We invest into eco-friendliness and social responsibility because we believe in it and have seen the importance of it. Here in the states, we import (direct trade) our coffee and make it available to you from one bag to one container. Our coffee comes in ‘GrainPro’ burlap bags.  


Please contact us for prices, to place an order or to ask for samples.